Marte Meo with the Territory Mob


A workshop for building social connections through natural everyday interaction by Maria Aarts

20 & 21 May

Who is Maria Aarts?

Maria Aarts, is from the Netherlands and she is the founder of Marte Meo International, a program that is used by a range of organisations and diverse disciplines in almost 40 countries. In Australia, Maria is working with a range of organisations and professionals in South Australia, Queensland and NSW including child care, aged care, disability, Aboriginal Health Teams, allied health teams and family support agencies.

What is Marte Meo?

The Marte Meo program uses plain language to help health workers, parents, teachers, support workers and carers to develop skills to support development and interaction in children, adolescents and adults. Marte Meo is a strengths-based program – it looks at what an individual can do, and where they might need extra support in their personal development. Its goal is to give parents, teachers and professionals a different perspective to help understand the meaning behind an individual’s behaviours. 

Through Marte Meo, you will learn how to  ‘decode’ what is happening during everyday experiences and will be able to offer small tangible steps to change interactions so they are more supportive of development. It recognises that too much problem oriented information and jargon does not empower individuals. This helps individuals succeed in social interactions and manage their own feelings. 

Who would be interested in attending?

Early Childhood Educators, Parents & Carers, Aged and Disability Workers, Aboriginal Health Workers, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Paediatricians, Allied Health Professionals, Child Protection Staff and Family Support Agencies. 

When and where is the course?

This 2 day course will take place on Monday 20th May and Tuesday 21st of May in the Theatrette at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. Can’t make it along to both days? There is an option of attending the 1st day only. 


Early bird rates apply. Single day rates and major discounts for group bookings (please refer to attached flyer for prices). 

Registration and Fee Information

  • Places are strictly limited so make sure you get in quick!
  • Registration is on a “first-in, first-served” basis.
  • Registration cannot be processed without full payment being received with the registration form
  • If you are unable to attend a representative from your organisation can attend in your place.

 Click here for Flyer & Registration.

Want more information?

Contact Genevieve Bradshaw, directly on 8945 4977 or email

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Sponsorship opportunity!

If anyone knows of a Katherine ‘champion’ who could be nominated for sponsorship, be sure to fill out the NOMINATION FORM.


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